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Welcome to our development blog of Sandra and Woo in The Cursed Adventure!

It’s been a long road. After the release of the Coldramar Chronicles (“Chroniken von Coldramar”) in 2011, a total conversion of Dragon Age: Origins, we started thinking about our first fully self-developed video game. Hopes were high and inspirations were many in those days. We spent a lot of time discussing what projects we’d like to do, and which ones we were able to. During this process – on the darkest day of the team’s history – we lost a team member and friend, our lead 3D artist, to cancer.

When one door closes, another opens. The team founder and writer of the Sandra and Woo webcomic series came up with the idea of making a 2D adventure game within the Sandra and Woo universe. Finally this was a project we found ourselves capable of realizing. In February 2012 we started building a team for this – our most ambitious project ever. Looking back after more than three years, we underestimated how big, exhausting and challenging it would become.

The Cursed Adventure Screenshot

Starting with nothing but enthusiasm and the will to persevere, we have navigated through many obstacles. Since we had zero budget, we had to build the whole thing using open source software or freeware such as Visionaire, Blender, Gimp, Open Office and so on. Also, as you can imagine, there was a big lot of alteration in the team during more then three years of volunteer work. None of the core members were able to stay in their field of work – everyone had to help out where it was necessary. Most of us could develop a whole game by themselves now – at least when it comes down to the knowhow.

Today, as we publish our first blog entry, we are almost done finishing a complete beta build of our game. We will start a Steam Greenlight campaign later this year – your support is very welcome!

Stay tuned,
The Feline Fuelled Games team

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